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Update on Waterloo Road

As you may be aware the works to repair the wall at the corner of Waterloo Road have now been completed. As a consequence of the design the road width opposite the Oban property has been reduced to a maximum of 2m at the pinch point.

Following extensive computer modelling and real world testing with various sized cars it has been decided that following completion the road will remain closed to motorised vehicles.

The reduced road width combined with the hairpin bend makes it impossible to turn up or down the road in one continuous movement in any sized car. This coupled with the existing gradient and the inside wall which makes forward visibility limited means it is not safe to allow vehicles to continue using the road.

DCC will be installing bollards to prevent vehicles from using the road as a through route, the final position of these is yet to be determined however initial thoughts are to place them in the middle of the carriageway in line with the boundary wall of Oban.

The new restriction will be supplemented by new signage and additional white lines in the wider Matlock Bath area along with a change of priority at the Waterloo Road/Temple Walk junction.

Whilst the current position of the wall forming the boundary to the road is fixed, along with the line of the kerbs to be installed below the inside face to protect the wall, the locations of any street furniture and white lines are not and DCC would welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have.

DCC has asked the Parish Council for their views on the positioning of the bollards. Our response was that whilst we were happy with the positioning of the proposed bollards, we felt that it was imperative to allow those residents who it directly affects to decide where it was best to place the bollards.

Next Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 10th July 2019 - 7.00 pm

at The New Bath Hotel
All Welcome
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