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Update on Waterloo Road

Pro-loco Art Competition 2019 now OPEN - Click Here to enter
Pro-loco Photography Competition 2019 Now OPEN - Click Here to enter

Pro-loco Art Competition 2017 - Entries

Below are the entries we received for this year's Pro Loco Art Competition. The number indicated after each winner corresponds to the number at the bottom left of the slideshow. Alternatively if you hover your cursor over each picture you will see the names of the artist.

Winners were announced at a presentation ceremony held at the beginning of November. The winners are:

1st Prize - Jonathan Shepherd (8)

2nd Prize - Stephen Allen (3)

1st and 2nd prizes were sponsored by Sir Richard Arkwright's Masson Mill.

Joint 3rd Prize - John Buckland (9)and Sarah Parkin (2)

3rd Prizes were sponsored by Heights of Abraham

Most Creative and Innovative - Linda Hardy (7)

Highly Commended - Susan Taylor (12)

Parish Council Award - Ruth Gray (1)

1st Prize - Young Artist (Secondary) - Isabella Edwards (14)

1st Prize (Infants) - Ellie (24)

2nd Prize (Infants) - Maisie Swain (30)

3rd Prize (Infants) - Seth (29)

1st Prize (Juniors) - Georgia Davies (18)

2nd Prize (Juniors) - Teddy Edwards (19)

3rd Prize (Juniors) - Beatrice (15)

The Parish Council would like to thank all entrants of the Art Competition this year. Details of the 2018 competition will be on this website in February.


Adult A1 - Ruth Gray
Adult A2 - Sarah Parkin
Adult A3 - Stephen Allen
Adult A4 - John Buckland
Adult A5 - Susan Taylor
Adult A6 - John Mosley
Adult A7 - Linda Hardy
Adult A8 - Jonathan Shepherd
Adult A9 - John Buckland
Adult A10 - Mavis Allen
Adult A11 - John Buckland
Adult A12 - Susan Taylor
Adult A13 - Mavis Allen
Secondary S1 - Izzy Edwards
Junior J1 - Beatrice
Junior J2 - Kayleigh Anne Smalley
Junior J3 - Cyrus Brooks
Junior J4 - Georgia Davies
Junior J5 - Teddy Edwards
Infant I1 - Sam
Infant I2 - Pippa
Infant I3 - Beth
Infant I4 - Freya
Infant I5 - Ellie
Infant I6 - Isabella
Infant I7 -Martha
Infant I8 - Francis
Infant I9 - Alfie
Infant I10 - Seth
Infant I11 - Maise Wynn Swain
Infant I12 - Reuben
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Next Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday 15th May 2019 - Annual Parish Meeting - 6.00 pm, Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - 6.30 pm, Full Council Meeting - 7.00 pm

at The New Bath Hotel
All Welcome
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