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Sports Area

Background – The Parish Council currently has a long lease from DDDC for the sports area. This lease does not preclude the Parish Council from renting the area out in order to secure an income. You may recall that when we leased the Community Centre from DDDC, it was rented to secure an income until the time the direct costs involved were no longer sustainable by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council over the past few years has been considering how to improve the sports area which is in need of some TLC. It has now been closed for renovation for about a year now on safety grounds. The Parish Council has over a number of years been budgeting for works to be done but this has proved very expensive. Therefore it is not possible to renovate the area without grant funding. We have applied for grants but as yet have been unsuccessful. In March of this year we applied for LEADER grant funding which if successful, will give us 75% of the cost of the renovation project. The Parish Council will need to meet the costs of the remaining 25% which we can do through raising income from the facility and the ‘ringfenced’ budget we have. The decision regarding the grant application will be known in October. The grant application also included other developments in the village (as outlined in the Summer Newsletter).

The Parish Council was contacted in June with a request to hire the sports area for children’s entertainment/exercise/fair. The Parish Council discussed and resolved that this was a route to raise extra funding for the project. The Parish Council also felt it was another attraction for the village both for residents and visitors and that the increased footfall would help local shops and businesses. As a result, an Agreement was drawn up and the area is being rented out for the school summer holiday period.

As the ‘fair’ would be in situ for more than 28 days, we were invited by DDDC to apply for planning permission together with landlord’s permission and to complete an Event Request Form. All of this has been done. As we were able to apply for a 3 year period at the same cost as a 6 week period, the Parish Council applied for this in case it is decided to rent the area out for the same period in the future. This does not of course, pre-empt any decisions on future use.

The ‘fair’ will close this year on 3rd September. Following discussions with DDDC on a continuation during the illuminations period, as any use of the access road to the sports area could compromise health and safety during the illuminations, this has not proved possible this year. The access road is used as an exit route and a sterile area for the illuminations.

The Future Use of the area will not be considered until we know the outcome of the LEADER grant application. If the grant application is successful, it is hoped that work can start around the Spring of 2018.

We would like to thank those residents, businesses and visitors who have already contacted us with positive comments regarding the ‘fair’. We would encourage any resident who has a view on the use of the sports area, or anything else in the village, to share them with us. Please send your views and comments (positive or negative) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will keep residents up-to-date with the progress on the sports area through our Newsletter and on this website.

August 2017

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